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Patient Testimonial

I have been a patient of Dr Jared Hertz for a few years now and I have a deep appreciation for his understanding and concern and continual commitment to helping me achieve my health goals. I can be a difficult patient at times and try to reason with him about my need for a bowl of ice cream every night. Trust me that's not much of a stretch. That aside I had gotten up to a full blossom weight of 270 lbs. Wouldn't be too bad if I was 7 ft tall but at 5 ft 10 ins I was morbidly obese. Determined to change the direction I was heading in I began a regiment of cutting back somewhat on my food intake and engaging in a physical exercise routine including bicycle riding. I had achieved a reduction of about 20 lbs and remained stagnant at that level for a frustratingly long time.

Dr Hertz was sympathetic to my disapproval of taking medication as I took myself off of statins and would not allow him to convince me otherwise. I also expressed my desire to get off blood pressure meds. So when he mentioned Saxenda I was not initially enthused. I was, like I said frustrated at my lack of progress in weight reduction and his gentle persuasion convinced me to give it a try. Appetite suppression and A1C control were what I heard and Ill admit I am glad I yielded to the good Doctor. I am thrilled to be currently at 220lbs, off blood pressure meds and pressure is fine and combined with my gym attendance I feel like I am in the best shape of my life.

Dr Hertz has also succeeded in convincing me to get involved with the MWM program as I hope to slash another 10 to 20 lbs. As I admitted earlier, I can be a difficult patient but thanks to Dr Hertz's patience with me I am heading in the right direction. Very happy with him, my results and my expectations. Hoping this helps someone in a similar position.

Thankfully Yours

Harry Hack

Patient Testimonial

I call Saxendra my miracle medication. It was so hard to lose weight no matter how hard I tried. After taking Saxendra I lost 16 lbs in 4 weeks. And continued to lose weight. Now I am at my happy, healthy weight and feel great. I owe it all to Saxendra and Jeff at Medical Weight Management. Thank you.

Patient Testimonial

I quit smoking and gained no pounds. My heaviest weight was 240 lbs at 5’ 7”. That’s extremely overweight. I have been working with Dr. hertz for 10 months and lost 41 pounds and still going.

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