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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find some commonly asked questions and basic information regarding our weight loss program.

Programs at MWM are not just for people who are extremely overweight. They are for anyone who is unhappy or unhealthy due to his or her weight. Our goal is to find the program and plan that will work the best and be the most effective based on your individual needs. Our first priority is your overall health and wellbeing.

Though it depends on your specific circumstances and health concerns, most patients tend to lose weight within the first two weeks, and continue to reduce their weight as they continue with the plans and counseling. Adding exercise to your routine can also speed up the rate of your weight loss. As you know, weight loss is not a quick fix. The goal is to establish healthy eating habits that you can follow through your entire life.

Insurance coverage is variable. First, it depends on which particular weight loss program is recommended for your needs. It can also depend on how much weight you have to lose. And finally, it depends on the type of insuirance coverage you have.

When you come in for you initial consultation, we will determine together which program costs may be covered.

This would be based on the requirements of your individual weight loss program. Initially, we require a visit every one to two weeks for progress measurements and behavioral counseling, but your doctor will provide a plan that makes the most sense for you and your weight loss goals.

Each phase of the program provides a food plan based on daily calories. Our Proti VLC line of meals, snacks, smoothies and other suppliments are designed to keep you healthy and balanced while you lose weight. As you move towards your weight loss goal and incorporate healthier behaviors into your life style, you will begin to introduce more of your favorite foods into your daily plan. Our goal is to help you achieve life long maintenance while enjoying the foods you eat.

There is no medicaltion requirements. However, weight loss medication can be extremely beneficial for those who are having trouble losing weight.

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